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Using natural materials like granite flooring in your home or business can add a distinctive and attractive feel to any space. 


At Palm Beach Marble & Polishing, we offer several different types of granite tiles that can beautifully add color and texture to your floors. And unlike some other types of tile, they’re not just limited to kitchen countertops. Natural stone tiles are increasingly becoming more popular as bathroom tiles and even in some commercial buildings.

Granite is a very durable and elegant option of flooring that you could choose for your home. Choosing this type will make sure that your floors are well protected, while looking elegant and stylish at the same time. Just some of the most popular choices include marble, rather than granite as it has been used for thousands of years and it remains to be one of the most popular choices

Advantages Of Granite Flooring

One of the greatest assets of a granite floor is its durability. When you install a granite floor in your home, you know that you’re installing a floor that will last a lifetime. This makes your budget go further and makes your new lifestyle more enjoyable, because you don’t have to worry about replacing it every few years.


Granite is extremely durable, which means that it’s very hard to scratch or chip. It will stand up excellently to things like pet claws or heavy foot traffic while remaining pleasingly easy on the eye. In fact, granite can be so hard that you need diamond-tipped tools to cut it.

People choose granite for its beauty, no two slabs of granite are identical. Granite can come in highly polished, glossy slabs or more muted, brushed, rustic textures. There is also a wide range of color choices with granite, and the quartz that helps make up the stone gives it a bit of characteristic sparkle.

Granite is an extremely durable stone, but it is still vulnerable to scratches and stains. Simple sweeping and occasional mopping should be sufficient to keep your floors looking gorgeous.

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