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Marble & Polishing

Create a regal atmosphere in your home with marble floors. Its glassy texture upgrades your home’s aesthetics and creates an elegant touch. As the sun radiates through your window, your new marble floors will be glowing.

We will repair or install your floors quickly and efficiently for more quality family time when you hire our team. Outdated floors make it a struggle to navigate through your home peacefully. Your marble floors will be more durable, easier to clean and do not hold stains, odor or pet dander making it more convenient for you. As a result, your family may experience fewer allergies with an easy-to-maintain surface.

Florida homes are susceptible to heat. With marble floors, your home will not absorb heat making your home cooler, especially in hot summer months. Our low maintenance design makes this material perfect for Florida living.

Marble Repair

Broken, chipped or cracked marble tile is no problem. Marble is actually quite durable, but accidents can happen and we have the expertise to restore your marble surface to its original state. No need for replacement. We can blend the repair back into the floor, counter or other surface and polish it back to match the finish of the rest of your marble.


 As a natural product, unless you have an extra tile from the original lot installed once again, even if you purchase the same tile by name from the same quarry line has shifted and with that so has the color. What appears to be the same will likely be noticeably different once installed or laid out on the floor.


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